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Moonstone Shingle

Moonstone Shingle

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Moonstone Shingle is renowned for both its durable hard-wearing qualities and its ability to enhance existing features within any garden or landscape setting.


This extremely cost-effective decorative stone is most commonly-used for footpaths and driveways, but its cool grey tones can be put to great effect in a number of uses, especially when creating a modern and minimalistic appearance is desired.

Grundon - Hard-wearing stone
Hard-wearing stone

Moonstone Shingle provides a harder and more durable alternative to other shingles

Grundon - Attractive neutral colours
Attractive neutral colours

With its beautifully cool mix of shades of grey, Moonstone Shingle evokes the colours of the sea or a lunar landscape

Grundon - Ideal for paths and driveways
Ideal for paths and driveways

Moonstone Shingle is perfectly suitable for paths, driveways and car parks

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