Grundon - Carbon Negative Aggregates

Carbon Negative Aggregate

The world's first genuinely carbon negative aggregate

We use an award-winning, patented process to manufacture a high-quality lightweight aggregate. The process permanently captures more carbon dioxide (CO2) than is generated during its manufacture, producing the world’s first truly carbon negative aggregate.

Grundon - Carbon negative aggregate
Carbon negative aggregate

Our award-winning manufacturing process creates the world’s first carbon negative aggregate

Grundon - Environmentally friendly alternative
Environmentally friendly alternative

Carbon negative aggregates provide a sustainable alternative to natural materials

Grundon - Special “Eco blends” available
Special “Eco blends” available

We can supply special “Eco blends” made of carbon negative aggregate and natural aggregate

Using an award-winning, patented process known as Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), we chemically transform thermal residues, such as Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) from Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities into a high quality, lightweight secondary aggregate.

Gaseous carbon dioxide is injected into the thermal residue to accelerate the cementation process, forming calcium carbonate – or limestone as it is more commonly known. This forms a rounded aggregate which is then screened and stored.

Because the process permanently captures more carbon dioxide than is associated with the production cycle, it creates a genuinely carbon negative product.

This aggregate has proven to be very popular with block makers and within the wider construction industry, both of whom are keen to find sustainable alternatives to natural aggregates.

Our carbon negative aggregate is ideal for usage in medium density concrete blocks and many other applications. These products have now been used in a number of signature buildings.

We are also able to supply special “eco blends” made from carbon negative aggregate and natural aggregate.

The sustainable alternative to natural aggregates

Our carbon negative aggregate provides an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin aggregates