Grundon - Faringdon Shingle

Faringdon Shingle

A versatile decorative stone which adds warmth to any garden

Faringdon Shingle is a warm, honey-coloured decorative shingle which provides the perfect backdrop for orange, yellow and white planting schemes. Think brightly-coloured dahlias, yellow or white argyranthemum or orange crocosmia.

Grundon - Beautifully natural finish
Beautifully natural finish

The naturally warm tones of Faringdon Shingle enhance any garden whilst weathering quickly, providing a beautifully natural finish

Grundon - Complements Coxwell Path Gravel
Complements Coxwell Path Gravel

Faringdon Shingle perfectly complements our popular Coxwell Self-Binding Path Gravel

Grundon - Versatile decorative stone
Versatile decorative stone

This aggregate is ideal for use in paths, driveways, garden borders, pots and water features

Faringdon Shingle can be used to enhance garden borders, planted areas and pots, especially when used in conjunction with our popular Coxwell Self-Binding Path Gravel, which it complements aesthetically.

Produced at our Faringdon quarry in South Oxfordshire, Faringdon Shingle is made up of a coral-rich limestone and is graded to either 10mm or 20mm.

What grades are Faringdon Shingle available in? + -

Our Faringdon Shingle is graded at 10mm and 20mm.

What applications is Faringdon Shingle suitable for? + -

Faringdon Shingle is a versatile decorative stone with a number of applications, including:

  • Paths
  • Driveways
  • Garden borders
  • Pots
  • Water Features

Add warmth to your garden with Faringdon Shingle

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