Grundon - Golden Shingle

Golden Shingle

Combining eye-catching vibrant colour with hard wearing durability

Golden Shingle is a naturally quarried product made up of a multitude of colours, combining yellows, creams and browns that make for a modern and stylish shingle that will really brighten up your garden or landscaping project.

Grundon - Hard-wearing stone
Hard-wearing stone

Golden Shingle provides a harder and more durable alternative to other shingles

Grundon - Attractive vibrant colours
Attractive vibrant colours

With its stunning mix of yellows, neutral creams and earthy browns, Golden Shingle makes a vibrant addition to any landscape or garden

Grundon - Ideal for paths and driveways
Ideal for paths and driveways

Golden Shingle is perfectly suitable for paths, driveways and car parks

Light up any garden, landscaping project or golf course with our Golden Shingle.

This extremely hard flint is a naturally quarried product which is highly durable, making it ideal for paths with high footfall, driveways and car parks.

It’s bold, vibrant finish, which combines yellows, creams and browns, as well as its durability make it ideal for edging paths and patios.

Its appearance also lends itself to working well in dry gardens and surrounding ornamental grasses. With its modern stylish appearance it can really brighten up your garden.

What grades is Golden Shingle available in? + -

Our Golden Shingle is graded at 10mm and 20mm.

What applications is Golden Shingle suitable for? + -

Golden Shingle is a versatile, extremely hard and duarable decorative stone with a number of applications, including:

  • Paths
  • Driveways
  • Car parks
  • Garden borders
  • Drainage

Add vibrant colour to your garden or landscaping project with our Golden Shingle

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