Grundon - Grade Three Topsoil

grade three topsoil

The nutrient-rich soil with multiple uses in your garden

Our BS3882 Grade Three Topsoil is produced using recycled soil which is perfectly blended with 4mm horticultural grit sand, providing a soil with excellent drainage qualities.

Grundon - Produced with recycled materials
Produced with recycled materials

Our Grade Three Topsoil is made using recycled soils

Grundon - Excellent drainage qualities
Excellent drainage qualities

Blended perfectly to maximise drainage

Grundon - Ideal for lawns and flower beds
Ideal for lawns and flower beds

Ideal for use in lawn preparation and establishing raised flower beds and planters

Our Grade Three Topsoil is screened to 12mm, nutrient-rich and versatile in its applications.

Whether you are preparing a lawn, filling pots for your patio or making flower beds, our Grade Three Topsoil will help you bring your garden to life.

Help your lawns, flower beds and pots flourish

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