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Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand


£55.00 per 850kg bulk bag

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Including delivery and VAT

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Bulk Bags are generally delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a smooth surface is required for tail lift unloading. Subject to location, where a crane off load is needed, please enquire for details.

Product details

With its coarse, gritty texture, Sharp Sand is also often referred to as builders’ sand. It is 0-4mm in size, with a higher percentage of large grains.

It is versatile, with a number of applications, including mixing with concrete, smoothing floors and screeding, loosening heavier soils (such as those with a high clay content) and for the laying of block paving and slabs.

We also provide a broad range of other sand products, including:


  • As dug sand
  • Washed Building Sand, which is finer and provides a smoother finish required for mortar
  • Washed Sand for top dressing
  • Washed Rootzone Sand
  • Dry Screened Building Sand
  • Screened Pit Sand
  • Grit Sand (graded to 4mm)
  • Plastering Sand, providing a fine smooth finish

We can also supply Recycled Sharp Sands, which provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to virgin aggregates. These are perfect for laying slabs and block paving.

Grundon - Ideal for mixing with concrete
Ideal for mixing with concrete

The course, gritty texture of our Sharp Sand is ideal for mixing with concrete for general building projects

Grundon - Perfect for block paving
Perfect for block paving

Whether your laying paving slabs in your garden or block paving a driveway, our Sharp Sand is the perfect material for you

Grundon - Suitable for floor screeds
Suitable for floor screeds

Our Sharp Sand is washed and graded to 4mm, making it suitable for use in floor screeds

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