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Grundon - Equestrian Silica Sand

equestrian silica sand

Providing an ideal surface for equestrian training tracks and manèges

Our Equestrian Silica Sand is produced to create a high quality surfaces for horse arenas, manèges, training tracks, gallops and lunges.

Grundon - Provides a firm, cushioned ride
Provides a firm, cushioned ride

The sub-angular medium sized grain of our Equestrian Silica Sand provides a firm yet cushioned ride

Grundon - Excellent drainage
Excellent drainage

Our Equestrian Silica Sand has a low clay content meaning that it provides excellent drainage

Grundon - Non staining
Non staining

Our Equestrian Silica Sand products are washed to remove clay and silt, ensuring that it’s non staining

Equestrian Silica Sand provides an ideal surface for horse riding and equestrian pursuits.


When choosing the correct material for surfacing your horse arenas, manèges, training tracks, gallops and lunges it is crucial that you select a sand that is fit for purpose.


It is therefore advisable to select a sand with a sub-angular grain shape, as this will provide you with a firmer yet more cushioned ride, whilst reducing the risk of injury or fatigue.


With its consistent sub-angular shape and 98% silica quality, our Equestrian Silica Sand compacts firmly, whilst still aiding drainage.


Our Equestrian Silica Sand is also graded and washed to ensure that silt and clay are removed, which also means that our product is non staining.

Create the perfect riding surface using our Equestrian Silica Sand

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