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Compost Soil Conditioner

Compost Soil Conditioner


£58.50 per 850kg bulk bag

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All our Bulk Bags are delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a hard flat running surface is required - when ordered via the online system.

Product details

Our fine-blended compost is screened to 0-15mm and gently nourishes delicate roots, providing essential nutrients for spring planting. With its dark and rich color, PAS100 Compost is versatile and can be used on any soil type.

By adding this soil improver when planting or topping up existing beds, you can achieve a richer and healthier result. Packed with beneficial microorganisms, this product releases nutrients gradually over several years, reducing the need for frequent feeding.

Grundon - Dark and rich in colour
Dark and rich in colour

PAS100 Compost is dark and rich in colour

Grundon - Perfect for improving growth in any garden
Perfect for improving growth in any garden

Additional improvement to soil structure with organic matter

Grundon - Nutrient rich and low maintenance
Nutrient rich and low maintenance

Compost Soil Conditioner slowly releases its nutrients over several years, meaning very little feeding will be required

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