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4mm Grit Sand

4mm Grit Sand


£60.00 per 850kg bulk bag

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Including delivery and VAT

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All our Bulk Bags are delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a hard flat running surface is required - when ordered via the online system.

Product details

4mm Grit Sand is a high-strength, flexible product with an ever-expanding range of landscaping applications.

Our locally sourced grit sand can be used for concrete mix and jobs that require a coarse, gritty base, including patio levelling, paving projects, and artificial grass installations.

Additionally, this product can be incorporated into any soil to improve drainage issues, making sure that your plants get the best possible water retention.

Grundon - Perfect for laying slabs and block paving
Perfect for laying slabs and block paving

Graded at 0-4mm makes it perfect for block paving and laying slabs

Grundon - Improves drainage
Improves drainage

Adding to soil will aid any drainage issue you have in your garden or pots

Grundon - Ideal for mixing to make concrete
Ideal for mixing to make concrete

The coarse gritty texture of our 4mm Grit sand makes it ideal for mixing concrete to use on general building projects

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