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Gabion Stone

Gabion Stone

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Strong, durable and stylish, Gabion Stone is easy to install, cost-effective and quick to build. From stone wall dividers to permeable water feature buffers, the added flexibility, strength and excellent drainage features are ideal for protecting land around garden ponds or streams.

Create a unique twist on a traditional wall with a blend of metal and stone; preserve a rustic ambiance within a structured design that sits neatly within its surroundings.

Gabion Stone is offered in a range of sizes from 50mm to 200mm. For reference, 1 cubic meter Gabion Basket will require approximately 1.5 tonnes of Gabion Stone

Grundon - Gabion basket fill material
Gabion basket fill material

Our larger Gabion Stones provide the perfect fill material for Gabion baskets

Grundon - Ideal of stabilisation works
Ideal of stabilisation works

Gabion Stone is commonly used in earthworks stabilisation, riverbank protection and landscaping

Grundon - Attractive colour
Attractive colour

The attractive Cotswold colour makes Gabion Stone suitable for decorative use

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