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Grundon - Sharp Sand

sharp sand

Perfect for general building use and for laying block paving

Our washed coarse Sharp Sand is suitable for a wide variety of building and construction uses, including in concrete and floor screeds, as well as for laying block paving and driveways and bedding paving slabs.

Grundon - Ideal for mixing with concrete
Ideal for mixing with concrete

The course, gritty texture of our Sharp Sand is ideal for mixing with concrete for general building projects

Grundon - Perfect for block paving
Perfect for block paving

Whether your laying paving slabs in your garden or block paving a driveway, our Sharp Sand is the perfect material for you

Grundon - Suitable for floor screeds
Suitable for floor screeds

Our Sharp Sand is washed and graded to 4mm, making it suitable for use in floor screeds

With its coarse, gritty texture, Sharp Sand is also often referred to as builders’ sand. It is 0-4mm in size, with a higher percentage of large grains.

It is versatile, with a number of applications, including mixing with concrete, smoothing floors and screeding, loosening heavier soils (such as those with a high clay content) and for the laying of block paving and slabs.

We also provide a broad range of other sand products, including:


  • As dug sand
  • Washed Building Sand, which is finer and provides a smoother finish required for mortar
  • Washed Sand for top dressing
  • Washed Rootzone Sand
  • Dry Screened Building Sand
  • Screened Pit Sand
  • Grit Sand (graded to 4mm)
  • Plastering Sand, providing a fine smooth finish

We can also supply Recycled Sharp Sands, which provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to virgin aggregates. These are perfect for laying slabs and block paving.

Perfect for general building and paving projects

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