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Grundon - 20mm Ballast


With a 10mm, 20mm and sharp sand mix, our Ballast is ideal for many commercial or domestic jobs

Our 10mm, 20mm and sharp sand mix is perfect for mixing with cement to make concrete.

Grundon - Consistent blend of materials
Consistent blend of materials

A consistent mix of 10mm, 20mm shingle and sharp sand to creating a product ready to use

Grundon - Quality Material
Quality Material

All our building and construction materials are graded on a weekly basis to ensure it meets British standards

Grundon - Great for DIY projects
Great for DIY projects

When mixed with cement and water this is a perfect material for many DIY projects

Due to its consistent mix our 20mm Ballast is perfect for both commercial and domestic jobs

Request your free sample of Ballast now or speak to our aggregates team for further information and prices.