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Golden Harvest Gravel

Golden Harvest Gravel


£75.00 per 850kg bulk bag

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Including delivery and VAT

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All our Bulk Bags are delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a hard flat running surface is required - when ordered via the online system.

Product details

Golden Harvest Gravel brings brightness to large areas of your garden with its beautiful assortment of creamy yellows, neutral creams, and earthy browns, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your outdoor space.

This highly durable hard stone can withstand footfall in high traffic areas to create long-lasting paths, driveways, and carparks. Our exclusive Golden Harvest Gravel is quarried directly from our New Barn Farm quarry in South Oxfordshire and is available in 10mm and 20mm grades.


Grundon - Hard-wearing stone
Hard-wearing stone

Golden Harvest Gravel provides a harder and more durable alternative to other shingles

Grundon - Attractive vibrant colours
Attractive vibrant colours

With its stunning mix of yellows, neutral creams and earthy browns, Golden Harvest Gravel makes a vibrant addition to any landscape or garden

Grundon - Ideal for paths and driveways
Ideal for paths and driveways

Golden Harvest Gravel is durable and ideal for use in high traffic areas such as paths, driveways and car parks

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