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Grundon - Heather Blue Slate Chippings

heather blue slate chippings

The perfect landscaping material to enhance any garden

A naturally hard-wearing aggregate, Heather Blue Slate Chippings are the perfect landscaping material for enhancing the surrounding aesthetic of any patio or driveway.

Grundon - Attractive colour
Attractive colour

With its natural plum and blue tones, Heather Blue Slate Chippings enhances any garden

Grundon - Hard-wearing stone
Hard-wearing stone

A naturally hard-wearing and durable decorative stone, which is graded from 30mm to 50mm

Grundon - Versatile decorative stone
Versatile decorative stone

Provides the perfect addition to rockeries, borders, water features and other decorative areas in the garden

Heather Blue Slate Chippings make a useful material for ground cover and are an attractive addition to rockeries, borders and water features.


Its plum and blue tones reflect the natural colour and variations which are common in slate and work well with both soft planting in white and purple, or in more vibrant reds and pinks.


Heather Blue Slate, also known as Welsh Blue Slate or Heather Slate, settles down very well on paths and gives a pleasant open textured finish, even when packed down firmly.

What grades are Heather Blue Slate Chippings available in? + -

Our Heather Blue Slate Chippings are graded between 30mm and 50mm.

What applications are Heather Blue Slate Chippings suitable for? + -

Heather Blue Slate Chippings are a versatile decorative stone with a number of applications, including in:

  • Rockeries
  • Borders
  • Water features
  • Decorative areas in gardens

Enhance your garden with Blue Heather Slate Chippings

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