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Coxwell 6C Drainage Stone

Coxwell 6C Drainage Stone


£45.00 per 850kg bulk bag

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Including delivery and VAT

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All our Bulk Bags are delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a hard flat running surface is required - when ordered via the online system.

Product details

Coxwell 6C Drainage Stone is the ultimate fill and drainage material. Our earth-toned stones offer both a visually warm aesthetic and exceptional water flow.

Drainage Stone is hard-wearing and long-lasting, perfect for roads, paths, sports pitches, soakaways and even riding arenas.

Available in 45-75mm, this decorative stone is dug, crushed, and produced straight from our Faringdon quarry. 

Grundon - Excellent Drainage
Excellent Drainage

Coxwell 6C Drainage Stones lack fine particles, allowing for effective water management

Grundon - Hard-Wearing

Hard-wearing and long-lasting; perfect for roads, paths, sports pitches, soakaways, and riding arenas

Grundon - Aesthetic Appearance 
Aesthetic Appearance 

The natural, earth tones of Coxwell 6C will enhance your scenery with a warm aesthetic

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