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Compost Soil Blend

Compost Soil Blend

£42.50 per 850kg bulk bag


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Whether you’re preparing a lawn, landscaping raised beds and planters for attractive shrubs, plants and flowers, or establishing a productive vegetable garden, this nutrient-rich soil will provide you with the best possible beginning.

Grundon - Unique blend
Unique blend

Our Compost Soil Blend is produced by mixing precise ratios of topsoil, compost and our 4mm Coxwell Horticultural Grit

Grundon - Nutrient rich and low maintenance
Nutrient rich and low maintenance

Compost Soil Blend slowly releases its nutrients over several years, meaning very little feeding will be required

Grundon - Ideal for lawns and flower beds
Ideal for lawns and flower beds

Ideal for use in lawn preparation and establishing raised flower beds and planters

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