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Grundon - Golden Flint

golden flint

Durable and hard-wearing, whilst providing a stunning natural finish

Golden Flint, produced at our Kennetholme quarry in West Berkshire, is a naturally hard-wearing flint product. With its eye-catching mix of yellows, ambers, golds. neutral creams and earthy browns, Golden Flint provides a stunning finish to any garden or landscaping project.

Grundon - Attractive vibrant colours
Attractive vibrant colours

Golden Flint makes a vibrant addition to any landscape or garden, with its illuminating mix of yellows, ambers, golds, neutral creams and earthy browns

Grundon - Hard-wearing stone
Hard-wearing stone

Golden Flint provides a harder and more durable alternative to other shingles, making it ideal for use in high traffic areas

Grundon - Ideal for paths and driveways
Ideal for paths and driveways

The durability of Golden Flint is perfectly suitable for paths, driveways and car parks

Reduce your running costs and your carbon footprint

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