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Infill Restoration Clay

Infill Restoration Clay

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With an average plasticity index of 30% and a mean permeability of 10ˆ11 ms-1, the stable nature of our Infill Restoration Clay meets with the exacting standards set out by the Department of Transport for road construction, and also the National Rivers Authority for the quality control of landfill engineering.

Grundon - Inert and clean
Inert and clean

Our Infill Restoration Clay is inert and clean, making it ideal for remedial works and site restoration

Grundon - Carefully balanced permeability
Carefully balanced permeability

The carefully balanced permeability makes it the prefect material for use in road construction and landfill engineering

Grundon - Meets quality control standards
Meets quality control standards

Our Infill Restoration Clay meets both Department or Transport and NRA landfill engineering quality control standards

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