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Wildflower Soil Mix

Wildflower Soil Mix


£58.00 per 850kg bulk bag

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Bulk Bags are generally delivered nationwide using the pallet network where a smooth surface is required for tail lift unloading. Subject to location, where a crane off load is needed, please enquire for details.

Product details

Produced by blending precise ratios of our 4mm Coxwell Horticultural Grit Sand with our Compost Soil Blend, our Wildflower Soil Mix has excellent drainage qualities balanced with the lower-end nutrient levels in which most wildflower meadows thrive.


Our Wildflower Soil Mix provides the right growing conditions for species such as cowslips, oxeye daisies, foxgloves and poppies.


“Personally, I think that it is a great product and had proved to me to not be over rich, which is critical. It is free draining, sufficiently friable and also seems to be untainted compared with many other soil trials I have done using soils from elsewhere without success.”


Robert Todd, Oxford Railings

Grundon - Perfect blend for wildflowers
Perfect blend for wildflowers

Wildflower Soil Mix is produced using the perfect composition of our exclusive Coxwell Grit Sand and Compost Soil Blend

Grundon - Excellent drainage qualities
Excellent drainage qualities

The free draining and friable qualities of our Wildflower Soil Mix have proven popular with landscapers

Grundon - Low nutrient levels
Low nutrient levels

Our Wildflower Soil Mix provide the balanced low nutrient levels in which most wildflower meadows thrive

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