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Grundon - Engineering Clay

engineering clay

High performance clay for a variety of applications

We produce high quality Blue Lias Clay and ‘as dug’ clay, both of which are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, ranging from lining ponds, lakes and canals, through to lining and capping landfills.

Grundon - Impermeable clay
Impermeable clay

Our Engineering Clay provides a water tight, impermeable barrier

Grundon - A wide range of applications
A wide range of applications

Our clay is ideal for usage in flood defence works, capping and lining landfills, and for lining ponds, lakes, canals and reservoirs

Grundon - Seals contaminated ground
Seals contaminated ground

Engineering clay is the ideal substance for sealing contaminated land

Our versatile and high performing Engineering Clay features low hydraulic conductivity, meaning that it provides an impermeable and watertight barrier.


Produced at our Cheltenham Quarry, our Engineering Clay is perfect for lining ponds, lakes, canals and reservoirs. It is also the ideal material for repairing water channels, flood defences and dams, whether it be on a golf course, fish farm or elsewhere.


It is also used extensively in the lining and capping of landfill cells, in addition to sealing contaminated ground.

The versatile clay with a number of applications

Our high quality Engineering Clay is the perfect material for creating an impermeable water tight barrier